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Garage Conversions in Tamworth, Lichfield
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If you’re in need of more space at home, garage conversions are a practical solution for creating extra rooms without the disruption of an extension or the cost of relocating. Whether you’d like us to transform the structure into a home office, a private bedroom for adult children, or an informal living area, we will oversee the project from concept to completion and deliver a high standard of workmanship.

We specialise in maximising space like unused garages to create a more seamless flow of activity in the home. 

Ace Building Services WM Ltd is available for domestic customers in Lichfield, Tamworth and the surrounding areas.

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Garage Conversion Services

The supporting services our building contractors provide include:

Advantages of a Garage Conversion

Gaining an extra room from your residential structure, at little cost, is a win for any homeowner. As well as economic efficiency, a shorter timescale is one of the most notable benefits of a garage conversion. We can begin by laying foundations and digging out new footings if required, though we usually just reinforce the existing ones. 

The project is unlikely to require planning permission, but if your home is located in a conservation area or is listed, we will support you throughout the approval process.

One of the biggest advantages of this type of expansion is that the garage is an existing structure, so a conversion won’t encroach on your garden, but will instead maximise currently wasted space at the property. 

Since our founding in 2010, Ace Building Services has completed many satisfactory building projects for clients in Lichfield, Tamworth and the surrounding areas.

Garage Conversions That Suit Your Needs

The simplicity and variety of attached garage conversions is what makes them so popular today. If your garage is adjoined to the side or rear of the property, it’s quite likely that it’s already equipped with electrics, and that running new pipework from the primary structure should be a straightforward process. There’s also the option to knock through the joining wall and extend your living area into the garage with an open-plan layout. 

Integral garages are situated within the parameters of the primary property. The conversion process is similar to an attached garage and is also a quick, cost-effective solution for finding more space in your home. 

Detached garage conversions require the most financial investment, but they have so much potential. These structures function as a private retreat from the main home, which can be used as a guest house, home office or exercise space in which you will be free from the distractions of daily life. 

All of the services the Ace Building Services team provides will transform your residence in Lichfield or Tamworth into a more stunning, functional home in which you can utilise every inch of space.

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