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Garage Conversions in Lichfield
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If the garage at your property is so cluttered it’s not even used to store a car anymore, you are not alone. Instead of letting the space go to waste, why not invest in transforming it into a usable living area, with popular garage conversions, by Ace Building Services WM Ltd. Our alterations are guaranteed to improve function and increase the property value of homes in Lichfield and the surrounding areas we cover.

With so many concepts, themes and purposes to choose from, we will advise you every step of the way. Like house extensions, kitchen installations and house renovations, conversions add that integral bit of space needed to make the home more comfortable and liveable.

Most conversions won’t require planning permission, but it’s always important your building contractor follows UK regulations.

Garage Conversions

There are many ways you can use your converted garage, including:

Home Office 

If you often work from home and would like a private space to focus, why not adapt your garage to use it as a home office? We will install heating facilities for use all year round, carry out electrical services so you can stay up to date on your emails and video calls, and add a water supply for refreshments. This is particularly straightforward when working with attached or integral garages, as we simply rewire electrics and extend pipework.

We also facilitate new installations for detached garages.

Lighting fixtures can be installed to match your tastes, but we recommend soft lighting to create a warm, calm working environment. 

A home office is ideal since it keeps you away from distractions at the main property like guests and young children. 

Ace Building Services undertakes a range of space-maximising home improvements in Lichfield, including house extensions, house renovations, garage conversions and other building contractor trades.


If you want to keep older relatives close, give your adult children more space to live as they save for their own property, or provide a private guest house for visitors, garage conversions are one of the most practical adaptions, which can also be altered later on to suit your family’s changing needs. We can take care of bathroom and kitchen installation to create a self-contained living area at your home in Lichfield.

We pride ourselves on approaching all work with meticulous attention to detail, which is perhaps most important when creating a home within a home.

As well as our quality of service, we also facilitate architectural and planning services to ensure your investment is built to perfection. 

Expand Your Kitchen

Garage conversions also involve reconfiguring the existing structure to create one big, open-plan kitchen-living area. We can knock through an attached garage to integrate it with the primary property. This is how we will create a large enough kitchen to prepare meals seamlessly, dine in comfort, entertain guests, work, and store household appliances. It’s more affordable than relocating, less stress and guaranteed to improve usability and increase visual appeal. 

As well as garage conversions, Ace Building Services delivers other building contractor trades, like quality house extensions, house renovations, and kitchen installations, to clients in Lichfield.

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