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Kitchen Installation in Tamworth
By a Building Contractor With Space-Maximising Solutions

When it comes to small kitchens, a practical layout is crucial for maximising all usable space. Designing a compact kitchen is a complex task, but as time-served building contractors, we can help. Our layout ideas cover all aspects of a kitchen installation that will help your space reach its full potential. We also offer house extensions, house renovations and garage conversions to clients in Tamworth and the surrounding areas we cover.

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Kitchen Installations

A small or narrow kitchen shouldn’t limit efficiency, in fact you may find they are the most functional type of cooking areas when properly designed. No running around the kitchen to gather ingredients or dodging large units to reach the oven. Another benefit of well-designed small kitchens is that everything is carefully placed to be exactly where you will need it.

You should consider which appliances you’ll actually use, so counter space isn’t taken up by a barely used double oven or a wasted tumble dryer.

Our team has acquired decades of experience with spatial design and stays up to date with modern space-saving features so we can suggest perfect solutions to construct your dream kitchen.

Here are some design ideas:

Natural light

Long, narrow spaces like galley kitchens can feel dark and cramped. Make them seem larger by encouraging lots of natural light. Architectural features like large windows drastically improve the sense of space, while floor-to-ceiling windows create a light, fresh environment and the potential to experiment with indoor-outdoor flow. 

As expert building contractors, we can complete kitchen installations as a singular project or in conjunction with larger works like house extensions, garage conversions and house renovations. Ace Building Services is based in Tamworth and serves homeowners with a wide range of requirements.

Integrated Storage 

With the installation of integrated storage options, we will help you save every bit of floor space possible. This includes using worktops and cabinetry for storage. And constructing kitchen islands that double up as cupboards and extra worktop space to facilitate efficient food preparation. Slimline draws, and plinth draws are built in place of what would otherwise be unused space. They are a great way to incorporate practical storage into your kitchen’s design.

Carousel and kidney shelves are popular with clients who are stuck with minimal cupboard space.

U-Shaped Units

If you need us to fit a lot of units into not a lot of space, a U-shape layout offers the most potential for counter space and storage options in a compact area. Utilise every inch of your kitchen with longer cabinets, built close to ceilings for a stylish look and a great deal of storage. We also recommend triangulating integrated appliances like the fridge, oven and cooker so everything you need is accessible, but not cramped into one area.

Our spatial solutions are not limited to kitchen installation. As a building contractor with an extensive range of services, we also undertake house extensions, garage conversions and house renovations for our clients in Tamworth. 

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